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Industry Insights

UPS Is Embracing the Low Emissions Movement

UPS has decided to move forward with gaseous hydrogen trucks that power an electric battery.

Testing these new zero emission medium duty trucks in Sacramento, CA, the company hopes they are viable enough to expand their use across the U.S.

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The Uber of Shuttle Vans

Chariot, a company owned by Ford, is the shuttle van service dreams are made of.

A cross between a public bus and an Uber, the San Francisco based company has expanded to Austin and now Seattle, and hopes to eventually cover all of the U.S.

And with all great ideas, there is competition-be on the lookout for Microsoft's and Amazon's shuttle services.

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Uber Isn’t the Only One Doing “Uberization”

More companies are taking advantage of the growing popularity of apps to hire drivers and move freight.

The trucking industry is really trying make loads more cost and time efficient, and businesses like Next Trucking is helping to do just that.

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It’s Finally Here-Uber’s Long Haul App

The much anticipated Uber Freight has finally launched, hoping to eliminate some of the frustration for drivers when it comes to finding long haul contracts.

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How the Way We Shop Affects the Trucking Industry

It's no surprise that brick and mortar stores are becoming more obselete because of the popularity of online shopping.

But how does this impact the trucking industry?

There's not really any negative impacts which is a good thing, but companies just now have to have a different distribution process.

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Another Solution for Diminishing Truck Driver Turnover

A start up company that is geared towards the trucking industry, Enlistics, has released their newest software tool to help companies with the hiring process.

Named Enlistics: Apply, this program is "a mobile-ready FMCSA-compliant application management system for the trucking industry. The product seeks to help the trucking companies solve one of their most serious problems: Efficient driver hiring."

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