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Industry Insights

Something Big is Happening for Tesla

Since Tesla's reveal of their tractor, the company has been staying busy.

Not only have they had big pre-orders from companies like J.B. Hunt and Titanium Transportion, they just landed another huge one from PepsiCo, which includes 100 trucks and translates to a whopping $2 million for the order.

Tesla's trucks are expected to be ready in 2019.

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ELD Mandate Is Still An Ongoing Issue

The debate over the approved ELD mandate that is supposed to take effect on the 18th has reached the House of Representatives.

Opponents of the mandate were able to plead their case, stating it will cause significant hardship on small companies, especially Owner/Operators.

The mandate is expected to cause protests across the U.S. starting today.

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More Index Numbers: Amount of Freight Hauled is Increasing

The amount of freight hauled across the U.S. is at it's highest since 2013, and these numbers are expected to continually increase.

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Last Quarter Trucking Index and What It Means for 2018

October's numbers look great for Trucking, but driver shortage is still plaguing the industry and is predicted to continue into 2018.

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The Wait is Over

Tonight Tesla unveils their electric tractor trailer to the world.

You can watch the event live right as it's happening.

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A Trucking Rebound is Underway

Fleets are going strong thanks to several factors that are affecting the industry.

Amongst them is improved economic conditions, replacement of older models with higher fuel efficiency, freight demand and of course, ELDs.

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