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Industry Insights

Maintenance Without a Mechanic

It's something dreams are made of, but will now be a reality.

Very shortly truck drivers will be able to do maintenance on their trucks' computers instantly and wirelessly, with no help from a mechanic.

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Change in Global Commodities Market

With the expansion of the Panama Canal, the east coast ports are beefing up their import and export game.

An increase of this magnitude is sure to bring about more jobs in the trucking industry, as there are going to be more goods needing transportation.

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A Self Driving Trucking Startup Makes Headway

Embark, a startup that is pushing for self driving trucks here in the U.S., has teamed up with Peterbilt and raised $15 million in Series A financing.

This is big news and super exciting for the industry.

DCVC Managing Partner Matt Ocko stated "they're producing top-notch real-world driving results far more quickly and on far less capital than anyone else."

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Amazon Might Need to Hire Some More Box Truck Drivers

With the recent announcement that Amazon is going to be buying Whole Foods, we might see an increase in hiring drivers.

An increase in Amazon warehouses for food delivery systems means refrigerated box trucks are most likely going to play an important role in executing their plan.

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UPS Is Embracing the Low Emissions Movement

UPS has decided to move forward with gaseous hydrogen trucks that power an electric battery.

Testing these new zero emission medium duty trucks in Sacramento, CA, the company hopes they are viable enough to expand their use across the U.S.

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The Uber of Shuttle Vans

Chariot, a company owned by Ford, is the shuttle van service dreams are made of.

A cross between a public bus and an Uber, the San Francisco based company has expanded to Austin and now Seattle, and hopes to eventually cover all of the U.S.

And with all great ideas, there is competition-be on the lookout for Microsoft's and Amazon's shuttle services.

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