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How the Way We Shop Affects the Trucking Industry

It's no surprise that brick and mortar stores are becoming more obselete because of the popularity of online shopping.

But how does this impact the trucking industry?

There's not really any negative impacts which is a good thing, but companies just now have to have a different distribution process.

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Another Solution for Diminishing Truck Driver Turnover

A start up company that is geared towards the trucking industry, Enlistics, has released their newest software tool to help companies with the hiring process.

Named Enlistics: Apply, this program is "a mobile-ready FMCSA-compliant application management system for the trucking industry. The product seeks to help the trucking companies solve one of their most serious problems: Efficient driver hiring."

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Uber is Moving Forward with their Long Haul Trucking

Uber has found a way to get into the trucking industry.

Things are a little unclear as to what exactly their business model is going to be, but we may be seeing their own fleet out on the road in the near future.

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Are You In Need of New Mud Flaps?

Minimizer, a manufacturer of mud flaps for heavy duty trucks, have come out with an innovative new design.

Fast Flaps don't need any holes to secure them to the truck, and they also can take more than 500 pounds of pressure, making them one of the most popular accessories around.

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Truckers Can Sleep Without Idling?!

A startup from Kansas City has come up with a solution to help lower overnight emissions costs for long haul drivers while they are resting.

Idle Smart claims their technology can turn a truck on and off when needed, giving the trucker comfort while they sleep.

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New Payment System Geared for the Trucking Industry

Comdata has come out with their Comchek Mobile, an app and mobile banking service for P2P payments, helping to assure that drivers get paid on time while they're out on the road.

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