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Expediter Financing


TruckLenders USA is your complete expeditor truck loan and financing company. Founded in 1977, we understand the transportation financing industry inside and out. We offer a multitude of financing options you can find nowhere else. We are a leading direct lender with access to the lowest lending rates in the industry. Our expeditor truck loan and financing packages are designed with your company's unique needs in mind. We work alongside our customers as our partners in the transportation financing process to ensure that your deal is tailored specifically to your ideal terms.

TruckLenders USA has a rich history of satisfied and repeat customers, and we are happy to earn your business, whether you are a new business owner, or an established firm looking to upgrade equipment or expand. We support you in every aspect of the approval process, which includes a simple and expedited 3-step approval process, with decisions made in a matter of hours. Your success is our success.

•Wide range of flexible lending options

•Nationwide network of qualified financing representatives

•Expert advice for expeditor truck loan and financing

•Financing for excellent, average, and even challenging credit situations

For more information about our expeditor truck loan and financing please feel free to contact one of our friendly TruckLenders USA representatives. We are committed to finding you the perfect loan. (877) 233-1475.