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Fleet Financing

Customized financing solutions for the entire fleet financing process

Fleet Financing involves purchasing or leasing 10 or more commercial vehicles including trucks, vans, pickups, etc. for business purposes. It is even possible to take advantage of fleet incentives through dealers and manufacturers with smaller fleets of less than 10 vehicles. Companies opt for fleets when they serve customers in areas that are spread out geographically, when they employ multiple delivery/transportation drivers, distribute a larger variety of goods and services, or need the scheduling flexibility inherent in owning multiple vehicles. Some of the immediate benefits of financing a fleet of commercial vehicles include freeing up business cash for additional operation expenses or investments, customizing commercial vehicle solutions, taking advantage of purchase or lease incentives, and in some cases saving on maintenance, administration, or tax costs.

TruckLendersUSA is proud to offer 50 years of combined transportation financing experience, and a keen awareness of the value your business places in equipment that is critical for your continued success in the industry. We can help you manage the entire fleet finance process from purchase to remarketing. Our tailored small and medium fleet financing solutions will have you working closely with dedicated experts that can handle customization, strategic planning, innovative solutions and resource management to help you avoid risk and save time; maximizing financial resources and return on investment. Our top priority is to serve every customer throughout the entire fleet life cycle, ensuring a partnership that delivers nothing less than a value added experience.