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Whistleblowers Awarded Big Bucks

Asphalt Specialists of Pontiac, MI is being ordered to pay a total of $953,916 in punitive damages, back wages and compensatory damages to 2 drivers and one foreman that were wrongfully terminated for refusing to drive in excess of the federal hours of service regulations. The foreman, who was fired in June of 2012, had (according to the DOT) “repeatedly raised concerns" in regards to the Asphalt Specialists' assignments of the jobs that cause drivers to exceed Federal HOS laws. Both the drivers and the foreman were awarded $200,000 each in punitive damages. The drivers will receive $30,000 each in compensatory damages and $50,000 in back wages. The foreman will receive $50,000 in compensatory damages and $147,457 in back wages. You can find out more by clicking here.

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Roadcheck Numbers Are In

Remember back in June, on the 3rd-5th, when you were an EXTRA cautious driver? Well, not everybody was and now the results of Roadcheck 2014 are finally in. 4.8 percent of the 72,415 drivers that were inspected were ordered Out of Service, which is a slightly higher amount than the 4.3 percent of drivers from last year's roadcheck.  This year, more than half of the drivers that were placed out of service were done so because of log book or hours of service violations. 73,475 vehicles were inspected. The rate of vehicles ordered out of service dropped from 20.6 percent in 2013 to 18.7 percent this year. 46.2 of the vehicles ordered out of service were done so due to a brake-related violation. You can find out more by clicking here.

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4% Less Highway Deaths During the 1st Half of 2014

The National Safety Council (NCS) has collected some preliminary data that shows that deaths from motor vehicle accidents are down to16,180 during the first half of 2014. When compared to the 16,860 fatalities in the first half of 2013, the fatalities in the  first half of 2014 are 4% lower than those in 2013. Deborah Hersman, NSC’s president and CEO said that studies show that 90% of the accidents are due to driver error, distracted driving, alcohol use and speeding. “Although it’s encouraging to see a decrease in fatalities, the unfortunate fact remains that many of these crashes could have been prevented.”  You can find out more by clicking here.

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Want More Drivers? Pay Drivers MORE!

It's no secret that driving a truck is hard work. Many drivers wrestle with long periods of time away from their families on top of excruciatingly long hours.  When compared to other jobs that don't require college degrees, over the road truckers are well compensated with the average annual salary being $50k - a driver with a good driving record and plenty of experience can earn quite a bit more. And yet, after adjusting for inflation, drivers today are earning 6% less than they were a decado ago.  And there it is: the explaination for why there is such a driver shortage. The shortage has reached the point that carriers are turning away business due to not having enough drivers to carry the loads. And yet, simple economics tells us that when supply (drivers) doesn't meet the demand, we need to raise the price (driver's pay). Pay them, and they will come. 

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Personal Vehicle Leasing Options for Business Owners

We provide the financing, you provide the style! Get pre-qualified and find out how much car or suv you can drive off with today!

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Business Owner Personal Vehicle Financing Options

Learn about Truck Lenders USA's leasing options for personal vehicles. If you are a business owner or key company personnel, we offer financing options that include tax benefits and other incentives!

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