Can you spot camouflaged sheep hiding at the summit of Mount Evans

A sharp-eyed amateur photographer has captured these stunning images of a sheep camouflaged against the rocks at the summit of Mount Evans in Colorado.  Anthony Tepool, 51, from Evans, snapped the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Arapaho National Forest.
'I got several shots as the sheep leapt from rock-to-rock going right to left,' he said. 'I've been an amateur photographer for 30 years but never seen anything like this.'  Mr Tepool added: 'I spotted movement while walking toward my Jeep and saw the Bighorn up in the huge rocks. I've always loved taking hide and seek photos but these are my best by far - you have to look really hard to see them.

'There are mountain goats in these parts too but the hidden pictures are of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.'
The pictures were taken on the amateur photographer's first outing with his new Samsung NX2000 with a 20-50 mm lens.
'I couldn't afford the new camera with a full-zoom lens all-in-one package but it actually turned out well for these pictures,' he said. 'The hide and seek challenge wouldn't be quite so good if I'd zoomed in any more.
'I'm really pleased with the pictures, I hope they provide a challenge.'




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