Cargo Thefts Go Down While the Value of Stolen Goods Goes Up

178 cargo thefts were reported betweenFebruary and April of 2014, which is a 25% decline in cargo thefts from the first quarter, which had a total of 206 cargo thefts.

. The average value per load is $245,101 as reported by Freightwatch for this quarter, while in the previous quarter the average value per load was $207,982.

.  Food and drinks were the most targeted cargo load for this quarter, same with the previous quarter, and accounted for 17% of the thefts. A close second were loads of electronics, which accounted for 15% of the thefts. 

A whopping 84% of the stolen loads were caused by the entire container or trailer being stolen, while theft from inside of the trailer or container only accounted for 6% of the thefts. You can find out more by clicking here

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