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Commercial Truck Financing

We are making it easier, faster and mobile Friendly

We are making it easier, faster and mobile Friendly!! Funding 24 hours!
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Check Out Peterson’s “PULSE”

Have you checked out Petersons new smart trailer recently?  PertersonPulse is an exciting patented intellegent trailer system rolled out by Peterson.  

Engineered specifully for fleet trailers, Pulse not only controls and detects real-time status vital trailer systems-- lights, ABS brakes, tire pressure, cargo tempature, and more, but also alerts drivers and fleet managers via Bluetooth and celluar communications.   

Pulse brings trailers up-to speed with today's smartest trucks. When looking into upgrading your next truck or trailer, TruckLendersUSA is here every step of the way to walk you thru and get you the financing you need to get you on the road fast.

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Regulations Update! Must Read For Owner Operators Servicing Container Ports In Washington

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Semi Truck Financing - Owner Operators

Are you a truck owner-operator servicing either the container ports at Seattle and Tacoma in Washington?  If so this article is a must read for you.  With NWSA’s “Clean Trucks” program compliance requirements looming just around the corner for pre--2007-emissions truck engines, there is some good news. Managers engaged with the Northwest Seaport Alliance and have agreed to extend the deadline for those operators not yet non-compliant with the requirement to utilize 2007 and later emissions-spec engines by April 1 an extension through to January 1 of next year.    This extension, for many will be extremely helpful, but does come with one significant requirement which does have a deadline.  All non-compliant trucks must be registered by owners, with the Alliance to obtain the temporary permit to utilize the ports for business.  Registering allows for tracking in compliance, and ensuring equipment upgrades are in place by end of year to continue to be be able to operate business into 2019.    The deadline to register is April 1st.

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Simple but surprising tips which will make YOUR life so much easier

Life - it turns out that you've been doing it all wrong.

So what other everyday things have we been doing 'the wrong way'? From peeling off sticky notes to cracking eggs, tying your trainers and eating Toblerone - be prepared to be amazed at the little tips and tweaks that really can change your life.

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Sleep under the Milky Way in a cabin on SKIS in the Dolomites (can only be reached by snowmobile)

At an altitude of 6,742 feet in the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains, this is a room with an unbeatable view.
The Starlight Room near Cortina is set on a pair of skis for easy mobility, and offers unobstructed views of the spectacular Unesco World Natural Heritage Nature site for 300 euros (£234) a night.
With just glass walls separating the snug cabin's bed from the rolling snowcapped hills, the Italian haven is a perfect retreat for couples or solo travellers looking for an incredible private viewing of the exotic mountainous region and the stars above.

Inside, the cabin houses necessities for a cosy night under the stars, including a heater and an adjustable bed.
There is even a flatscreen television that plays timelapse images of the Dolomites, if the real thing doesn't prove spectacular enough.
One of the drawbacks to the property is the lack of a bathroom, so a quick dash outside in the cold landscape may be needed during a stay.
Complimentary dinner and breakfast are provided to sustain you from dawn until dusk.

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