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Its Spring Cleaning Time Again!

It's officially Spring and in some parts of this country  its actually starting to act and feel like it....  other parts are still making you trudge through the snow (its almost over!).   

We at TruckLendersUSA is excited to push winter to the side and welcome the beautiful weather, blooming fields, and open roads with open arms!  

Take advantage of the new season that is upon us and check out a great way to save on Do It Yourself Spring Cleaning your truck or trailer.   TruckLendersUSA  knows that every driver feels better in a clean, glisening truck.  Take the time to detail the inside and out and add a new pep in your step! 

If feeling the need for a Brand New or Used Clean truck or trailer, TruckLendersUSA would be delighted to assist in getting you in your perfect fit..  With our compeditive rates for both leasing and financing, and of course our friendly customer service we take pride in, you can't go wrong. 

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Do you wear steel-toe boots or work gloves on the job?

Its tax season.  Again.     

We here at TruckLendersUSA know that there are a number of expenses that come with the trucking industry.  We want to make sure that you are aware of all the tax deductions that are available for truckers.   Steel-toe boots, cargo straps, Association dues, etc are some of the many simple tax deductions that may be available for you and your job in the trucking industy.   Of course, no person has the same situation.  Each have a unique set of deductions at tax time, check out this list and compiled info to assist you the best.

Don't forget.... The purchase or lease of a commercial truck is a great deduction.  TruckLendersUSA is here to assist you in getting the most out of your next truck or fleet financing. With compeditive rates, superior customer service, and the quickest application process that we take pride in to get you connected and on the road. 

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Getting the Best Recruiting Results

Social media still reigns supreme as one of the best ways to find good, qualified employees and lowering employment turnover.

However, keeping a driver happy after hiring is equally important.

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Getting Healthy on the Road is Easier Than You Think

Here at TruckLenders, we don't just wish that our clients are happy with their transactions; we like to see customers thrive in all aspects of their life, including their health.

Founder of Fitness Trucking, Siphiwe Baleka, claims that if you follow these two easy steps, you can shed pounds and get more energy while on the road.

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Workout and Diet Plans Are Now Targeting Truckers

Former athlete Siphiwe Baleka is teaming up with Progressive to provide tailored diet and workout plans to truck drivers.

Now a trucker himself, Siphiwe understands the limitations of a truck driver's lifestyle and has implemented a program specifically for the trucking industry.

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Make Way for Technology

It looks like ELDs are making their foothold in the trucking industry...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is now making it mandatory for carriers and drivers subject to FMCSRs to use these devices.

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