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Enter the Snow Dragon! Huge melting trucks arrive in Washington D.C.

Winter Storm Jonas wreaked havoc on Washington D.C., dumping more than 20 inches of snow on the capital over the weekend.
But that was just the start of the problems, as city workers are now left with the challenge of clearing the 3.49billion cubic feet of the wintry downfall away.
After a record breaking winter in Boston, snow was still on the streets in July.

So D.C. officials brought in reinforcements to help quickly melt it away - the Snow Dragon.

The machine was brought in from Indianapolis, according to CBS News, as the snow shower subsided. Diggers carry snow to huge containers wheeled in on trailers that act like enormous hot tubs.
The snow is then dumped in and melted by hot water baths. The leftovers and then released through drains around the vehicle.
The contraptions have been used all around the country to help clear-up efforts. More recently, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) used it to clear up snow from railway lines in Philadelphia.
According to the company's website: 'Snow and ice are deposited onto a melting pan that is fabricated above a hot water bath, containing heat exchanger tubes.
'The burner fires into the tubes heating the water, similar to a boiler burner type system. This creates a 100 per cent totally enclosed system, thus not allowing any burner/flame contaminants to be introduced to the discharge or water bath.

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We at Trucklenders USA

Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Years! 

Cheers to 2016!!

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Check Out This Beauty With Enhanced Fuel Efficiency .. The Best of Both Worlds!

Check out this beauty.. with better fuel economy, the best of both worlds!  Navistar Rolls out New Efficiency Spec for ProStar

International Truck unveiled a new fuel efficiency package for its ProStar model, called ProStar ES. Short for efficiency specification, the ES package combines enhanced aerodynamics with improved powertrain efficiency and Navistar’s proprietary OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system.  "The ProStar ES is a package, an ecosystem, if you will, developed by our performance engineering team to deliver maximum fuel economy," says Jodi Presswood, vice president of the Navistar Heavy-duty Truck Product Line.  The SmartAdvantage powertrain gives the ProStar ES downspeeding capability, allowing it to run 150-300 RPM slower at cruising speed vs. previous offerings.

The ES package also includes a choice of Dana Advantek 40 or Meritor's 14X high-efficiency 6x4 drive axles, or Meritor's FuelLite 6x2 drive axle, all riding on SmartWay certified tires.

"The ProStar ES delivers up to 11% better fuel economy as defined by our performance engineering team," Presswood says. "By combining the four elements in the ES spec -- superior aerodynamics, optimized drivetrain, the Performance Engineering Team and the OnCommand Connection system -- we have created a package that changes the landscape in the on-highway tractor market."  Erin Peterson, chief performance engineer for the ProStar ES, says the company did full-scale wind tunnel testing to validate the performance of the package in crosswind situations, which account for a larger portion of aero resistance, on average, than direct headwinds. Studies have shown that on average, anywhere in North America, trucks will encounter a 9- to 10-mph crosswind. So that's what Navistar tested for when developing ES package.

"The package was developed to be the most aerodynamic when it comes to the wind average drag coefficient." he says.

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Those Traveling 180- Arizona

FYI Drivers!

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A northern Arizona highway that is the primary route between the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff remains closed because of a wildfire.  A five-mile stretch of US 180 north of Flagstaff was closed to traffic Sunday due to smoke and fire-fighting activity.
The Arizona Department of Transportation advises motorists traveling south from the Grand Canyon to take State Route 64 to Interstate 40. From there, drivers going to Flagstaff or Interstate 17 should head east.  Please everyone Travel safe this holiday season.

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Motto Of The Week….

  Truck Lenders USA Wants everyone to arrive to their destination with their cargo, meaning a van of kids, or crates of goods safely.  Lets make it a thankful week!

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Truck Drivers to Motorists- Don’t Drive Like Turkeys This Thanksgiving!

The ATA is looking out for our fellow truckers this season by giving tips and heeding warning to drivers this Thanksgiving season to give space and respect to those truckers on the road.  These trucks we might add, may be delivering your turkey this season so lets ensure both arrive safely. 

The American Trucking Associations is asking the estimated 46.3 million motorists that are expected to take to the highways this Thanksgiving to drive safely and follow several simple tips in order to keep this a safe and joyous holiday season.

“The only turkeys we want to see are on the table, not on the highway,” said Share the Road Professional Driver, Byron Bramwell with YRC Freight. “The roads will be especially busy with people visiting family for Thanksgiving or starting their holiday shopping. Leave yourself a little extra time and space, slow down and be attentive while you’re driving.” Read on to read this tips that can make all the difference.

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