Why you must strictly consider commercial truck finance companies?

Why must you strictly consider commercial truck finance companies? If you needed braces on your teeth, you wouldn’t have a dentist put them on; you would visit an orthodontist, one who specializes in braces, not just teeth. The same goes with commercial financing. If you are in the market for a commercial truck or a commercial trailer, commercial truck finance companies are the first place to look for a lease on your commercial equipment. That’s their SPECIALTY. They have the experience and the know how to get your financing in order for that big purchase.

Some people don’t realize that commercial finance differs from consumer finance. In commercial finance, not only is the primary applicant’s personal finances assessed, but also the businesses finances. Credit decisions will be based on a combination of factors, including the time in business and the monthly cash flow of the business. The commercial vehicle financing industry is a restricted lending industry. Financial institutions cannot lend money to an individual for a vehicle that used for commercial use.

Let’s use a fictitious flower delivery service, “Petal to the Metal”, as an example. Maria has owned and operated this successful flower delivery service for 3 years and is now in need of a Sprinter delivery van in order to keep up with the demand of her customers. Since the Sprinter van will be used for commercial use, Maria must find a commercial truck finance company to help her purchase the van. Once she finds the company that she feels comfortable with and completes her credit application, Maria is well on her way to purchasing the van and building credit for her business. After the funding of her purchase, Maria will be the proud new owner of a Sprinter van, which she will use to promote her “Petal to the Metal” flower delivery service, deliver her flowers and keep her many customers extremely happy.

Commercial truck finance companies must strictly be considered because they are the institutions with lending access for commercial trucks and commercial trailers. By using commercial truck financing you are building your business’ credit while satisfying your business’ equipment needs.

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