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With the end of the year close at hand, we tend to take a reflective look over the last twelve months. Did I meet my goals? Where did I fall short? What are my goals for next year? What can I do in the incoming year to ensure that I meet next years’ goals? As a small business owner, your questions may be a bit more specific – Did my business grow this year? Did I get the maximum tax write-offs and benefits allowed? What can I do next year to ensure that my business is more profitable than this year?

As a small business owner in the trucking industry, one of the ways that you can get the most tax write-offs in 2011 is to purchase equipment. With the Section 179 tax deduction, you are able to write off up to $500,000 on either new or used business vehicle purchases. The benefits of the Section 179 Deduction are substantial. The best thing you can do for your trucking company this year is BUY or LEASE new or used commercial trucks and commercial trailers. Reap in the benefits of the tax deduction this year (it goes down 50% in 2012) and have the equipment you need to effectively handle your growing business in 2012.

TruckLenders USA is an authority in the field of commercial truck finance. Our expert team is dedicated to your success. Obtain a commercial truck or commercial trailer lease approval in as short as a few hours, get in on all the tax benefits of 2011 and get more BANG for your buck.

Demand is up. Taxes are down. Let’s move, people.

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