How to finance a box truck

Box trucks can be purchased or leased, both new and used. The first step in financing is to determine the type of box truck needed by the business.

Some common manufacturers include  Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet/GMC, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso and UD/Nissan Diesel. This range of manufacturers and their accompanying model options give businesses a huge selection when it comes to choosing between light and heavy duty, gas or diesel, and fuel efficient models.

Not to mention all of the options when it comes to safety and comfort features. Once the business has decided what type of box truck they would like to purchase, they can contact a reputable commercial box truck financing company to inquire about application and approval guidelines. Generally, the rates, monthly payments, and financing terms will be largely based on business history and creditworthiness.

The longer the business has been in existence and the better the credit score, the more likely the business is to secure a lower rate, lower monthly payment, and lower down payment. By negotiating the business may also be able to secure attractive refunds, incentives, and end of lease terms.

A box truck can be :

  • cube truck financing
  • cube van financing
  • bob truck financing
  • box van financing
  • straight truck financing
  • cargo truck financing
  • box truck financing

They come in all sizes, and are usually used by companies that haul appliances, large equipment, furniture, or for use as moving vans.

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