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Are you a truck owner-operator servicing either the container ports at Seattle and Tacoma in Washington?  If so this article is a must read for you.  With NWSA’s “Clean Trucks” program compliance requirements looming just around the corner for pre--2007-emissions truck engines, there is some good news. Managers engaged with the Northwest Seaport Alliance and have agreed to extend the deadline for those operators not yet non-compliant with the requirement to utilize 2007 and later emissions-spec engines by April 1 an extension through to January 1 of next year.    This extension, for many will be extremely helpful, but does come with one significant requirement which does have a deadline.  All non-compliant trucks must be registered by owners, with the Alliance to obtain the temporary permit to utilize the ports for business.  Registering allows for tracking in compliance, and ensuring equipment upgrades are in place by end of year to continue to be be able to operate business into 2019.    The deadline to register is April 1st.

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