Trucking Industry - Business is Improving!

If you read any trucking industry news articles, you are aware of a general theme that has been present since the end of 2011. Business is improving! The Department of Transportation’s freight transport year-over-year index has been consistently increasing and the monthly freight index growth, while slight, is still present. The Freightliner manufacturing plant in NC is adding a night shift and creating 1100 jobs. Things are definitely on the up and up.

In light of the statistics, it makes sense to assume that the trucking industry is going strong. This may mean more jobs for fleets and drivers. If you are a fleet owner or a driver, TruckLenders USA has some great commercial- truck financing options for you. If you are considering expanding your business, or upgrading or replacing current equipment, please call TruckLenders USA today to talk to a commercial finance professional and find out what options are best for you. We have flexible programs that will assist you in acquiring that new commercial truck or commercial trailer that your company needs to keep with today’s demands.

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