Bailout: Airlines vs. airports

Airlines and airports reeling from the coronavirus-related loss of passenger traffic and flights are seeking immediate relief from governments. And they support aid for each other with the knowledge that the aviation industry is interdependent.

But the harmony ends with airlines seeking a holiday from taxes and other charges that go to airports around the world to help pay for infrastructure, security and other functions.

In the United States, Congress could pass a major financial lifeline for airlines as part of a broader economic stimulus package as soon as today. How the money is allocated was still being ironed out late Tuesday.

Passenger and cargo airlines want $58 billion in direct cash infusions, loans and loan guarantees. In addition, they are asking for rebates from federal excise taxes paid to the aviation trust fund in the first quarter and the repeal of all taxes, including on tickets, cargo and fuel, through at least the end of 2021.


(Source: Flickr/Bernal Sabario)

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