Counties Hit Hard by Lack of Infrastructure Funds

 The National Association of Counties (NACo) recently published  report that argues that both state and federal funding and financing of county-owned transportation infrastructure  within the 48 states that have a county-government system is “increasingly inadequate”(Connecticut and Rhode Island are the exceptions). The report argues three key points:

"'Federal and state funding for county transportation projects is “increasingly inadequate”
Counties “face the dilemma of rising costs of transportation projects, increasing traffic volumes and limitations on their ability to generate revenue”
Counties have adopted additional funding and financing mechanisms—“but they are not sufficient to cover the needs of their economies and residents'"

Counties are responsible for 45% of public roads and bridges and are involved in 30% of the country's transit and airport systems. To that end, the counties invest $106.3 billion in public facilities and infrastructure each year. You can find out more about the NACo report by clicking here.

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