Diesel Price Reaches Eight Month Low!!

In a fortunate series of events, the national average price of diesel has reaches its lowest price in eight months. After a steady decline for four straight weeks, the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration reported that after another drop of1.1 cents per gallon, the national average price per gallon has reached $3.858. The really exciting news is that this new price per gallon for diesel is down 5.7 cents per gallon when compared to this same week of last year. While all regions of the nation saw a decline in the cost of diesel, the lowest diesel in the country can be found on the Gulf Coast, where you can find diesel as low as $3.801 per gallon. California is home of this week's most expensive diesel. One gallon of diesel fuel in CA will cost an average of $4.090. You can read more on the diesel price trend by clicking here.

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