Diesel Prices for Truckers Decline in All Regions — Except California

The price at the pump for most commercial truck drivers showed a decline last week, but for those filling up in California, the average price for a gallon of diesel increased slightly.
Nationwide, the price averaged $2.498 per gallon for diesel — down from the $2.531 price the week before. That’s 3.3 cents cheaper than the week before and $1.137 less than a year ago last week, according to figures released this week by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).
Prices were down a whopping 6 cents per gallon in Midwest states, with the closest competitor — at half that savings — recorded in the Lower Atlantic states.
California’s .05 increase was barely noticeable from the week before, but keeps the Golden State at the top of the charts, with price averages of $2.813 per gallon.
Shown below are diesel prices by region for the week ending Monday, Oct. 12:
East Coast: $2.524 last week, $2.499 this week
New England: $2.562 last week, $2.553 this week
Central Atlantic: $2.642 last week, $2.620 this week
Lower Atlantic: $2.427 last week, $2.396 this week
Midwest: $2.600 last week, $2.540 this week
Gulf Coast: $2.325 last week, $2.299 this week
Rocky Mountains: $2.523 last week, $2.508 this week
California: $2.808 last week, $2.813 this week.

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