Drivers Still Needed For Paid Survey On HOS

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is still on the prowl for drivers who regularly use a 34-hour hours-of-service restart in their workweek, the agency announced this week, for its research into comparing 2013 hours-of-service stipulations to those prior.  The study was mandated by Congress in December, when a 2015 appropriations bill halted enforcement of 2013’s hours-of-service 34-hour restart provisions — its once-per-week limit and the requirement that a restart include two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods — pending the agency’s study.  The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) will be conducting the research for FMCSA, and the agency has said drivers could earn up to $2,000 by participating. VTTI said in February it was looking for 250 drivers to participate in the study.

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