Fake Doctor Giving Fake DOT Physicals

A Pennsylvania woman has duped at least 16 drivers into paying her $65 for a DOT physical. According to Associated Press, the woman has stolen the credentials of a psychiatrist that shares the same name - Joann Wingate. Wingate would set up "shop" close to various rest stops in the Carlisle, PA area. Wingate has been arrested and charged.  Her preliminary hearing will be on July 16th, where she will face charges of forgery, identity theft, impersonation, fraud and related offenses. Wingate would perfome a physical exam, take a urine sample and would send fax forms to the DOT. Police believe there may be more victims than the 16 that have come forward so far. If you or anyone you know has been taken advantage by this woman, please contact the authorities. You can find out more about the story by clicking here.

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