Gas and Diesel Dip

It seems promising when the cost of gas and diesel drops, even a little. We can't help but hope it may be a continuing trend, after all, what comes up must come down, right?? WRONG. Newton wasn't refering to pump prices! Nonetheless, for now, we are blessed to see a dip in prices of fuel, albeit if it's for only a little while. The average price for diesel dipped 2.4 cents per gallon, with an average price of $3.886 per gallon. There were only three regions in which the diesel was more than $4 - New England ($4.107 per gallon), the Central Atlantic ($4.045) and California ($4.085). Gasoline went down by a whopping 5/10ths of a penny, leaving an average price of $3.327 per gallon. Prices actually increased in two regions - the MidWest and the Rocky Mountains. you can read more about the ebb and flow of our nation's liquid gold here.

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