Internationals and Macks Recalled

44,047 Mack trucks have been recalled, according to a public recall notice from Mack trucks, for potentially defective hazard warning lights, which can reduce the visibility of the truck. The recall will begin the middle of June. Mack Trucks will contact and notify the owners of the trucks under the recall and the dealerships will replace the Hamsar Electric Flasher free of charge. Models of Mack trucks that fall under the recall include:

2010-2014 Mack CHU series
2007 Mack CT series
2007 Mack CV series
2010-2014 Mack CXU series
2008-2014 Mack GU series
2011-2014 Mack LEU series
2010-2014 Mack MRU series
2011-2014 Mack TD series

Also this week, Navistar made a public recall for certain International models, including:

2013-2015 International DuraStar
2014-2015 International ProStar
2014-2015 International TransStar
2013-2015 WorkStar

This recall is due to potential issues with the air disk brake caliper, which could have missing or loose bolts that could cause pulling when braking. Again, the manufacturer will notify the owners and the dealerships check and replace any faulty equipment for no charge.  You can find out more by reading here.

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