Is the IRS Calling You? It's Most Likely a Scam!

The IRS wants you to pay your taxes, but they won't be calling you to tell you so.  If you have gotten a call from someone from the "IRS" demanding payment, you need to read this.

A recent hoax has been brought to the attention of officials in Washington D.C. who are claiming that this is the "largest of it's kind" phone scam. The operation is  very sophisticated and has milked 20,000 people out of nearly $1 million. The scam begins with a phone call to a target. Even the caller ID has been set up to reflect that the call is coming from the IRS, making the scam even more believable. Once the operator has demanded payment for unpaid taxes, using threats such as suspending a driver's license, business license, being arrested and even deported - the operator will demand payment in the form of a pre-paid credit card or wire transfer - NEITHER METHODS OF PAYMENT ARE USED BY THE "REAL" IRS!!! Often, the scammers will call a target a second time, this time pretending to be from the DMV or the police (and having the caller ID manipulated to reflect such claims). Lastly, the scammers will usually send "official looking" mail in hopes of completely convincing the target to pay up.

Please share, tell all your friends, and help protect as many people as you can from this type of robbery. You can find out more by clicking here.

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