Kids that look IDENTICAL to their parents at same age. Its Crazy!

They could be photos of the same children, but extraordinarily, these are snapshots of parents next to their kids when they were the same age.
In the case of the girls, it's hard to believe they inherited any genetic material at all from their fathers, or that any of the father-clones had any genetic input from their mothers.
But as these images - submitted to Reddit and Facebook - show, sometimes the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

While the blending of our genes is a fairly complicated matter, a first rule of thumb is that the genes we inherit from our parents depends on which has the more dominant one.
For example, if a mother is a natural blonde and the father has dark hair, their child is more likely to have dark hair, since the gene for dark hair is dominant over the gene for blonde.
It is rare for one parent to possess such a large proportion of dominant genes over their partner, as is seen in these cases.

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