New glass-bottom walkway CRACKS under tourist feet at 3,540 ft high in China

A female tourist, who's known by her internet screen name 'lidonghaishuohezainihaowodehai', shared her experience of the terror on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, after she left the 853-foot-long platform.  She posted three pictures showing what she claimed was the cracked piece of glass alongside a message saying:  [I've] just witnessed history. The glass-bottomed walkway on Yuntai Mountain just cracked. When I was about to reach the end [of the passage], I heard a sudden bang and felt a shake under my feet.  'I looked down and saw the glass floor beneath me shattered. [I have] no idea why it happened, at that moment everybody was screaming.  'I yelled out loud "It cracked, it really cracked!", then pushed the people in front of me to leave. [I was] terrified.'

The see-through platform on Yuntai Mountain opened to the public on September 20.  According to its press release, 223 feet out of the 853-foot-long platform is paved with three layers of one-inch-thick glass panes, which is expected to bear the weight of at least 800 kilograms.   Check out this Glass walk way.

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