Proposed Bill Would Kick Diesels Out of DC

There is a newly proposed legislation that, if passed, would make it illegal to register a diesel truck in Washington DC after 2017. It would also make it illegal to operate a diesel truck in Washington DC. As with any and all legislative proposals, this one comes with its fair share of opposition. Those outwardly opposing the bill include groups such as the ATA, the American Moving and Storage Assn., Truck Renting and Leasing Assn., Maryland Motor Truck Assn. and Virginia Trucking Assn. The groups state that they are several unintented consequences of this bill, including the effect that the bill would have on the amount of traffic in our nation's capital. Should the bill pass, shippers may be opt to receive small and more frequent deliveries via gas powered vehicles, adding many more vehicles to an already congested city. Follow the link to read more. 

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