The U.S. DOT to Start Limiting Infrastructure Funds to States

For those of you that haven't seen it, you can view the U.S. DOT's Highway Trust Fund Ticker here.  As most folks are well aware, the Highway Trust Fund is almost utterly dry, and if lawmakers don't soon come up with a solution, it will not be replenished.  The U.S. DOT Secretary of State, Anthony Foxx, announced via email that as of August 1st, the Highway Trust Fund will be limiting the reimbursement payments to the states for infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges. “As I stated in my June 19 letter, the Department will continue to take every possible measure to fully reimburse your State for as long as we can,” Foxx stated. “However, as we approach insolvency, the Department will be forced to limit payments to manage the reduced levels of cash available in the Trust Fund. This means, among other things, that the Federal Highway Administration will no longer make ‘same-day’ payments to reimburse States.” You can find out more about the possible solutions being considered by Congress and the White House by clicking here.

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