Toronto Mayor Heads to Rehab

Americans have been following the story of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford since a story broke last May about the mayor being caught on film smoking crack. Initially, Ford denied the drug use. When Toronto police stated that they had possession of the video, Mayor Ford finally admitted to having smoked crack in a "drunken stupor." Surprisingly, he was able to remain in office although the City Council has stripped him of most of his powers. In a stunning new twist to this story, Ford has yet again become the subject of controversy.  A second video is reported to show the Mayor once again smoking crack.  This time, the Mayor doesn't deny it. Instead, he has stepped away from his office in a undefined leave of absence and has checked himself into a rehab program. "I have a problem with alcohol, and the choices I have made while under the influence," Ford said in statement late Wednesday. "I have tried to deal with these issues by myself over the past year. I know that I need professional help and I am now 100% committed to getting myself right." You can find out more by clicking here.

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