Trucker Conned Out of $3k

An unsuspecting trucker got duped out of nearly $3,000 while having his truck repaired at a TA on White Road in Cartersville, Georgia.  The driver received a call from someone that claimed to work for the TA that there was a problem with the TA computer system, and that the driver would have to pay with a Comcheck. The caller told the driver that the cost of the repair was $989.37, for the driver paid with a Comcheck. Next, the caller said that first initial check didn't go through, and that the new amount due was $$991.51, which the driver paid by Comcheck upon the promise of the caller that the first inital check would be voided. The caller claimed that the amount was wrong, claimed the new amount was $967.07, and again claimed that the first two checks would be voided. After giving the caller $2,947, the driver became suspicious and called the TA to verify the caller. Employees at the TA verified that there was nothing wrong with the computer system. Upon realizing that he had been scammed, the driver tried to cancel the checks but it was too late. You can read more details about this story by clicking here.

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