Trucker Diet Ideas.

Breakfast Options.

• Boiled Eggs – Organic are easy to take and go, you can eat them with Turkey Meat. You can get them in bulk at Costco.
• Protein Shakes
• Banana or Apples
• Oatmeal – plan instant oatmeal. You can get this at starbucks if on the road. Get plain instant and add berry to the top, will make it taste good with no added Sugar.





Lunch Options

• Turkey Sandwich
• Tuna Sandwich
• Corn Tortilla with chicken ( this I do the night before, make the chick and wrap in corn tortilla. These are easy. Wrap them in foil separately. That way you can eat and go. I eat this with tapatio sauce
• Turkey meat – make meatballs at home. You can flavor these anyway you want. They are easy to drive and eat.
• Protein Shakes – Costco – I have these always available – premixed and will help when you are hungry.
• Subway is cheap and super easy. They have a big selection.
• Try to stay away from white bread. Eat wheat if possible
• Turkey Meat Paddy, make these the night before eat with no bread. You can eat these with cheese.
• Avocado is very good for you, I eat this by itself. Cut in half and eat with a spoon.


Dinner Options

• Chicken – All ways – not fried.
• Fish – grill, bake or BBQ. Use lemon and pepper to season.
• Turkey Meat
• Chicken Tacos – Corn Tortilla
• Chicken Burrito make them filling and reduced the number of tortilla.
• Turkey Meat burgers
• Turkey Meatball – wheat pasta w/ Olive Oil
• Turkey Chili – Turkey Meat, Chili powder, Black Mean, Kidney Bean, Organic Tomato, pepper.
• Steak once a week is good
• Hamburgers have with no bun.


Ice Cream
Anything from a BOX!
Stay on the outside of the grocery store isles, the center is where all the bad stuff is.


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