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Healthy Driver

Getting the Best Recruiting Results

Social media still reigns supreme as one of the best ways to find good, qualified employees and lowering employment turnover.

However, keeping a driver happy after hiring is equally important.

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Getting Healthy on the Road is Easier Than You Think

Here at TruckLenders, we don't just wish that our clients are happy with their transactions; we like to see customers thrive in all aspects of their life, including their health.

Founder of Fitness Trucking, Siphiwe Baleka, claims that if you follow these two easy steps, you can shed pounds and get more energy while on the road.

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Workout and Diet Plans Are Now Targeting Truckers

Former athlete Siphiwe Baleka is teaming up with Progressive to provide tailored diet and workout plans to truck drivers.

Now a trucker himself, Siphiwe understands the limitations of a truck driver's lifestyle and has implemented a program specifically for the trucking industry.

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Make Way for Technology

It looks like ELDs are making their foothold in the trucking industry...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is now making it mandatory for carriers and drivers subject to FMCSRs to use these devices.

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Trucking Industry is Losing Drivers Due to Poor Health & Living Conditions

Some truck drivers are putting their health first, leaving the industry because of ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

But what can be done to help drivers maintain a healthy lifestyle while being on the road?

The industry is asking carriers to step up to the plate by providing wellness programs to their employees.

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OOIDA: Driver training proposal OK, except for ‘refresher’ add-on

OOIDA: Driver training proposal OK, except for 'refresher' add-on var title = $("#story-title").text(); title = title + ": Land Line Magazine"; $('title').text(title); By Jami Jones, Land Line managing editor The long-awaited proposed rulemaking on entry-level driver training was well received by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association – all but the agency’s attempt to mandate “refresher” training for some CDL holders. OOIDA has long advocated the need for mandated driver training for all new CDL applicants. In 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established a committee of 26 industry stakeholders – including OOIDA – to hammer out the framework of what entry-level driver training should consist of through a negotiated rulemaking process. - See more at:

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