TruckLenders USA Commercial Truck Financing Requirements

TruckLenders USA is pleased to provide a service many different types of professionals in the transportation industry. We are honored to serve and assist our clients and are truly grateful for the opportunity to do so. We desire to assist everyone we can but we DO have certain, basic requirements that must be met in order for TruckLenders USA to provide our services for your commercial financing.

Minimum of 2 years Time-in-Business

In order to qualify for our services, TruckLenders USA requires that applicants must have at least 2 consecutive years of verifiable time-in-business. Schedule C’s, or business license, SOS, Dun and Bradstreet will be used for verification purposes.

Minimum Credit Score of 650

Any applicants with a FICO score lower than a 650 will be declined. Applicants should consider checking their own credit score prior to contacting us. This can be done – for free – through the credit bureaus – Trans Union, Experian and Equifax.

Open Bank Account

All applicants are required to have a current and open bank account in order to be considered for our services. The bank account is important in the qualification process because it is used to verify applicants’ monthly cash flow.

TruckLenders USA does its best to help everyone; unfortunately, not all applicants will qualify. Any perspective applicants should review the minimum requirements to be sure that they are met. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Many thanks and best wishes,

The TruckLenders USA Team

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