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Check Out Peterson’s “PULSE”

Have you checked out Petersons new smart trailer recently?  PertersonPulse is an exciting patented intellegent trailer system rolled out by Peterson.  

Engineered specifully for fleet trailers, Pulse not only controls and detects real-time status vital trailer systems-- lights, ABS brakes, tire pressure, cargo tempature, and more, but also alerts drivers and fleet managers via Bluetooth and celluar communications.   

Pulse brings trailers up-to speed with today's smartest trucks. When looking into upgrading your next truck or trailer, TruckLendersUSA is here every step of the way to walk you thru and get you the financing you need to get you on the road fast.

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California Clean Air Plan Calls for Further NOx, PM Reductions

California Clean Air Plan Calls for Further NOx, PM Reductions

May 20, 2016
By Deborah Lockridge

As part of a broad-reaching clean air program, California has proposed a low-NOx engine standard for heavy trucks. Another part of its plan is to push the Environmental Protection Agency for a nationwide low-NOx engine standard. But truck and engine makers have said in the past that striving for low NOx in diesels could conflict with federal efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing fuel economy.

The California Air Resources Board’s Proposed 2016 State Strategy for the State Implementation Plan (State SIP Strategy) released this week describes proposed measures needed to meet federal ozone and PM2.5 standards over the next 15 years.

Among its proposed measures is a Low-NOx Engine Standard to be developed between 2017 and 2019 with implementation starting in 2023. The goal, it said, is to introduce near-zero-emission engine technologies to lower oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from on-road heavy-duty vehicles.

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Sleep under the Milky Way in a cabin on SKIS in the Dolomites (can only be reached by snowmobile)

At an altitude of 6,742 feet in the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains, this is a room with an unbeatable view.
The Starlight Room near Cortina is set on a pair of skis for easy mobility, and offers unobstructed views of the spectacular Unesco World Natural Heritage Nature site for 300 euros (£234) a night.
With just glass walls separating the snug cabin's bed from the rolling snowcapped hills, the Italian haven is a perfect retreat for couples or solo travellers looking for an incredible private viewing of the exotic mountainous region and the stars above.

Inside, the cabin houses necessities for a cosy night under the stars, including a heater and an adjustable bed.
There is even a flatscreen television that plays timelapse images of the Dolomites, if the real thing doesn't prove spectacular enough.
One of the drawbacks to the property is the lack of a bathroom, so a quick dash outside in the cold landscape may be needed during a stay.
Complimentary dinner and breakfast are provided to sustain you from dawn until dusk.

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We at Trucklenders USA

Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Years! 

Cheers to 2016!!

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Amazing Trucks from Mid America Trucking Show

The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), has hundred exhibitors of all sorts, from organizations, companies that make accessories and equipment and no small number of technology providers. But, the highlight of the massive show is, in the end, trucks. All sizes, all shapes, all styles, trucks carry the day at MATS. Here’s a look at but a handful of the trucks on display.

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Every Second Counts When Your Driver is at Risk

It’s the call a fleet manager never wants to get — one where your driver has been in a collision. According to eyewitnesses, he ran a red light and T-boned a vehicle, but your experience tells you these eyewitnesses are sometimes wrong.
Fortunately, you don’t have to guess or fill in the blanks about what happened because you are able to reference a video of the event, sent to you just minutes after the incident. In the video, you clearly see your driver was doing everything according to his training — seatbelt fastened, two hands on the wheel and eyes scanning the road ahead. As he approaches the intersection, you can also see the traffic light was green at the time of the impact and that it was the passenger vehicle that ran the red light — not the other way around.  Read Full Article here.

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