UPS Drivers Don't Turn Left

There is a really good strategy behind why you won't see a UPS truck turn left. UPS engineers did some research and realized that their drivers were wasting quite a lot of time idling while waiting to turn left at an intersection. Upon realizing this, UPS put into motion a new strategy for UPS truck drivers - avoid turning left at all costs. This may mean that they might have to drive a little farther, or more miles, but that hasn't hurt the company one bit - in fact, it's helped both the company and the environment.  By only making right hand turns, UPS estimates that it has saved approximately 10 million gallons of gas since 2004 and has reduced carbon emissions by 100,000 metric tons, which is the equivelant of taking 5,300 cars off the road. Although one may think that driving a little bit farther due to avoiding left hand turns may mean that packages would be delayed, but it doesn't. According to a UPS press release, “Even if this meant traveling a greater distance, results showed that more packages could be delivered in less time with reduced emissions by driving in a series of right-hand loops. It helped the bottom line, met consumer demands and increased safety."

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