Want More Drivers? Pay Drivers MORE!

It's no secret that driving a truck is hard work. Many drivers wrestle with long periods of time away from their families on top of excruciatingly long hours.  When compared to other jobs that don't require college degrees, over the road truckers are well compensated with the average annual salary being $50k - a driver with a good driving record and plenty of experience can earn quite a bit more. And yet, after adjusting for inflation, drivers today are earning 6% less than they were a decado ago.  And there it is: the explaination for why there is such a driver shortage. The shortage has reached the point that carriers are turning away business due to not having enough drivers to carry the loads. And yet, simple economics tells us that when supply (drivers) doesn't meet the demand, we need to raise the price (driver's pay). Pay them, and they will come. 

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