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Mobility Van Financing

Mobility or wheelchair vans are vehicles that increase accessibility for transportation use of individuals with disabilities. They are manufactured as is, or customized after market with equipment that allow for wheelchair entry, platform lifts, ramps, hoists, cranes, transfer seats, etc. to make entry and vehicle operation possible depending on individual need. Other alterations within the vehicle can increase overall interior space, reinforce flooring, add seating, or improve safety and visibility with lining/finishing, window installation, or addition of wheelchair tiedowns and securements. Modifications are dependent on whether the person with disabilities will be a driver or passenger and whether entry configuration will be side-entry or rear-entry. Some common mobility van modifications are floor lowering, reconfigurable seats, suspension/weight load increase, power kneeling system, gas/fuel line modifications, and NHTSA safety certification. Mobility or wheelchair vans are extremely customized, and these alterations can add up quickly in cost in addition to necessary specialty repairs. Whether you are an individual, small or large company, with a single mobility van or a transport fleet it is important to consider all financing options that can assist you in accessing the equipment you need with the most advantageous rates and terms. Special loans and grants are available to individuals with qualifying disabilities, including those with outstanding medical bills or poor credit; for instance through State offices such as the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Division of Developmental Services. Benefits may include penalty free early payoff, lower down payment, and very low interest rates; possibly with no money out of pocket depending on the loan or grant. Additional incentives or rebates can further reduce your upfront or long term costs for accrued financing amounts.

TrucklendersUSA understands how critical the right purchase of a mobility van is for the freedom and comfort of individuals with disabilities, their loved ones, caregivers, and transportation providers. Convenience, quality and peace of mind are the foundation of our success, and our promise to every customer. That’s why our respected team of product and service representatives guarantees individual service, same day approval, and 24 hour funding turnaround. We take care of all the details so that you can focus on making the best choice for your individual or business mobility van needs. We are your one stop financing resource, and our award winning customer service means you will tap in to our combined 50 years of industry experience to access the lowest possible rates and lending terms. We are with you every step of the way, and beyond the deal to earn your repeat business and become a partner in your ongoing success with our unmatched financing solutions.