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Oil and Gas Industry Financing

According to Deloitte LLP’s 2014 Outlook on Oil & Gas, the midstream sector which includes processing, transport, storage, and marketing of oil and gas should expand following a surge in development rising 46 percent from $243 billion in 2009 to $355 billion in 2013. This encompasses innovations that have been part of an “energy renaissance” with natural gas leading the way towards meeting the growing demands for energy, fuel efficiency, conservation, and U.S. energy self-reliance. This is an environment ripe with opportunities for financing oil and gas industry vehicles, expanding fleet capacities, and extending business reach to secure an advantageous position in a competitive market.

TruckLenders USA understands that time is money when it comes to the oil and gas sector. Whether you are in the market for a medium or heavy duty truck, fuel truck, oil tanker, vacuum tank truck, etc. we are committed to providing you with the precise lease or loan package that takes into consideration your immediate and long term business goals. Partnering with us means tapping in to over 50 years of combined industry experience, guaranteeing the confidence that comes with our demonstrated ability to connect you to the most favorable and compatible financing terms. We share a common mission with each and every customer; top quality service and support to help you secure your place in the most advantageous market position. We are proud to work with our increasing number of repeat customers in reaching their individual and fleet oil and gas transportation goals.