Boise Stage Stop offers truckers free meal on Thanksgiving

Hauling freight during the holidays can sometimes mean truck drivers spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone in their cab.

The Boise Stage Stop in Boise, Idaho, wants to prevent that by offering drivers a free holiday dinner.  “They have our entire economy in the bed of their truck,” said Samantha McDonald, a Boise Stage Stop representative. “They move the food we eat, the furniture we sleep on, the clothes we wear, the toys we play with. They’re the ones that are moving it from Point A to Point B and bringing it from the manufacturer to the store, and they’re really the ones that are responsible for keeping the holidays moving and they don’t really get the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest times for things to be moving, which means those truckers are out there working.”

The independent truck stop has hosted driver appreciation days every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas day, for over 10 years. All drivers with a valid CDL receive a free meal as a show of appreciation, regardless of whether they are working at that moment.  

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