Smart Park Initiative in Phase 2

Truckers, are you having a hard time finding a place to park? Have you heard about the Smart Park Program? The FMCSA has spent over 2.7 Million dollars on this technological project, which alerts drivers when a parking space is available, or how many spaces are available at a specific location. The agency states that it believes that this "reservation-type system could decrease driver fatigue."  OOIDA, on the other hand, seems to think that the best solution to solving the parking shortage would be, well, to add more parking spaces. The second phase of the Smart Park initiative will run until November of 2014. In this phase, the two main objectives, according to the FMCSA website, will be to “demonstrate how truck parking availability information can be disseminated” and “demonstrate how two adjacent truck parking areas can be networked to divert trucks from a filled parking area to an unfilled area.” You can read more by clicking here.

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