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Check Out Peterson’s “PULSE”

Have you checked out Petersons new smart trailer recently?  PertersonPulse is an exciting patented intellegent trailer system rolled out by Peterson.  

Engineered specifully for fleet trailers, Pulse not only controls and detects real-time status vital trailer systems-- lights, ABS brakes, tire pressure, cargo tempature, and more, but also alerts drivers and fleet managers via Bluetooth and celluar communications.   

Pulse brings trailers up-to speed with today's smartest trucks. When looking into upgrading your next truck or trailer, TruckLendersUSA is here every step of the way to walk you thru and get you the financing you need to get you on the road fast.

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Building Your Value for Small Trucking Companies

Setting a value to your company can be a daunting task.

But it is important to know where you stand and what creditors are looking for when you need truck or trailer financing.

Here at TruckLenders USA we understand and can help in the success of your business by assisting you in finding the best commercial truck finance options.

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A New Kind of Autonomous Driving

When it comes to local delivery cars, Nuro has taken the cake.

A start up has created a brand new autonomous car to bridge the gap between consumers and last mile, last minute online ordering.

We are always excited to see these up and coming technological advances in the automotive industry - and soon you may find TruckLenders financing these super cool cars for your business.

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Why Equipment Financing is An Amazing Thing

As the #1 source of commercial financing in the U.S., we know the great benefits to financing your next commercial truck and trailer.

There are different options out there when it comes to purchasing the truck or trailer needed to better grow your business.

However, a lot of people don't know the best route to go, and we can guarantee that financing is top of the list!

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NAFTA Talks and How They’re Affecting Trucking

There are many concerns regarding the NAFTA talks and how it is going to impact our country, especially the trucking industry.

Right now the country is seeing a huge increase in demand for trucks and trailers.

Regardless of what happens, TruckLenders USA is here to make sure companies of all types and sizes can meet these demands by financing their newest truck and trailer, guaranteeing a perfect fit for their company and for the country.

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A New Show Geared Towards Women in the Trucking Industry

SiriusXM is launching a live call in show which features women in the trucking industry, and although it is geared towards women, they will touch upon topics that men can relate to and share their insights as well.

Here at TruckLenders USA, we have assisted businesses of all types, including ones that are owned by women, and we are excited that this show is airing to create an open dialogue about gender diversity in our industry.

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